Building the half Pallet Stack

Starting with a basic pallet

There are a few different types of pallet design and we require a specific type that is generally used to transport bricks. It is called a Standard 2-way entry pallet. It is different from the majority of pallets in that it has 4 or 3 strong struts that the pallets slats are nailed too (see image below). You will also notice the 3 basic tools required to build our half pallet stone stack; Wood saw, claw hammer and crow bar.


Dismantling the pallet.

We need to pull off the 4 slats in the centre of the pallet and reposition them. The easiest way to losen the slats is by using 2 bricks placed under the slat as close to the nails that are fastening the slat to the cross section that you want to losen. The pallet needs to be raised off the ground by the positioning of the 2 bricks slightly

Trick for Loosening the slats from the pallet.

Once the bricks are in place, jump up and down on the pallet. This will loosen the nails were they join the main strut. Repeat this across the other all 4 sets of nails per slat.

Removing the slats from the pallet.

Once the slat is loosened you can use the crow bar to completely remove the slat. Sometimes the slat comes away leaving nails stuck in the support strut. If you try to pull them out more than likely the head will come away.
TIP: Tap the nail a couple of times with a hammer driving it in a little but not all the way. You will now find the nail is easier to remove as it has broken the 'rusty nail to wood' meld.

Nailing the slats back onto the pallet...

Nail the 2 removed slats to a position just below the top pair of slats, that weren't removed, as shown in picture below. Try to reuse some of the nails removed when dismantling the slats. Repeat for the other 3 sides."

Sawing the reconfigured pallet in two...

You will notice from the picture i'm sawing the struts at a 45 degree angle which makes it easier to drive the half pallet into your soil.

Here's one I made earlier...

So after about 30 mins of jumping, jimmying, sawing and hammering this is what you are left with. Two completed half sections ready to be sunk into your plot somewhere. Two sunken pallet will give us about 4 square metres of growing area."